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Live in a luxury villa!


Playa Palmera

The villa is located amidst a tropical local green space. Each property has been designed to ensure maximum privacy for its residents. The design of the property takes into account the latest architectural trends.

At the same time care has been taken to ensure that the body of the building harmonizes with the surroundings, forming an integral part of them.

An innovative and modern design

Light and space were the two criteria that guided the villa's designers. Thanks to large windows, and open spaces, a comfortable interior with a modern character was created. All comforts have been taken care of. There are 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room. The property also features a terrace with a private pool and balconies on the 2nd floor


Services provided

by Playa Palmera Resort

Playa Palmera Resort services include all the required compedium for renting your residence to outside guests. A marketing service is provided by publishing your listing on our own sites and on Airbnb. You also have the opportunity to conduct your own marketing activities to make your place more and more popular with visitors.

Invest in a successful tourism industry!

Professional care for your guests and your residence

Resort Playa Palmera also provides full administrative support for your property related to guest services. This way you don't have to worry about accommodations, providing cleaning services, gardeners and handling guest check-in and check-out. Everything is supervised by our professional team and a 24-hour reception desk and security. Playa Palmera offers for your guests breakfast prepared by the Playa Palmera restaurant and the possibility to use Palmera Fitness. All is done without your participation, which means you gain money as well as time.

Airbnb - profit from your investment

Villas Playa Palmera is a place that can change your life. With your investment you gain doubly. Firstly, you become the owner of a property in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. You can enjoy it at any time, without worrying about hotel reservations and additional costs associated with going on vacation. Secondly, you get the opportunity to generate additional profit by renting out your villa to outside guests. The income you receive returns on your investment year after year.

Enjoy the return on investment

Buying this property can provide an excellent annual return on your investment. Gain new income and an unlimited vacation spot.