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Villas Playa Palmera


by the beach


Experience luxury

straight from nature


Palm trees are also an integral part of the Dominican Republic's landscape. This very place is becoming a highly visited part of the world with each passing year. The beauty of nature, the richness of culture and the hospitality of the inhabitants make the Dominican Republic aspire to the title of the world's most frequent and popular vacation destination. Both the symbolism and the experiences of visitors of the island make it a great place to leisure as well as investment.

Imagine the sound of the sea, the light breeze on your face and the warm, soft sand under your feet. Think of the blue of the ocean and the beaches reaching all the way to the horizon. Imagine that YOU are standing around all these beautiful sights. Now make your dream come true! We invite you to take a journey to Villas Playa Palmera - a place that can change your life. Become an oceanfront villa owner!

Villas Playa Palmera

A place that can

change your life

A house, even the most beautiful, will be worth nothing when it is situated in an uninteresting location. Villas Playa Palmera means not only excellent architecture, outstanding comfort, light and space. It’s the beauty of nature, which is at your fingertips. That’s friendly and helpful people sharing the joy of life. It’s the proximity of the most beautiful beaches and the blue ocean. This is a vibrant resort attracting tourists from all over the world. It’s the plenty of opportunities to be active with family and friends. This is excellent cuisine, rich culture and wonderful family traditions. This is where you will feel truly happy. This place is your new home.